Biyernes, Enero 3, 2014

Super Food from Nature: The Many Benefits of Moringa Oleifera Tea

. Moringa is a plant genus commonly found in Africa and Asia, but news of its benefits have traveled far and wide. Today, it is grown and cultivated in many other parts of the world, including Latin America. Moringa oleifera is the most common specie of the Moringa genus, and is considered to be a “superfood” that can help solve the food crisis in many countries. It contains the eight essential amino acids, all the vitamins and minerals the body needs, and powerful antioxidants that can combat a wide variety of diseases, including anemia, arthritis, heart problems, and cancer. Different parts of this wonder plant are now being processed so that they'll be available to consumers in easily digestible forms, including powder, oil, and capsules. For many people, though, the most enjoyable way to take in the goodness of Moringa oleifera is by consuming flavorful Moringa oleifera tea. Moringa tea can be purchased from various sources, and many consumers are buying Moringa tea online.

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